I Must Love Me Too

If you have neglected yourself,
make a sincere apology to thee.
Gather the "love-me-not-petals" of your life
and start counting "I-must-love-me-too".
In no time at all you have
a beautiful flower blossom within you. ~ Dodinsky Writings

Saturday, May 30, 2009

What Are You Willing To Give Up For Food?

Keep telling yourself...it is ONLY food. 
We cannot let food have POWER over us.
We have brains, the food does not.
We can earn a paycheck and buy food,
Food cannot earn a paycheck and buy US.

Food cannot buy us.
But you know what ?
Food DOES have POWER,

Every bite we take past our actual need,
every bite we overeat,
food STEALS from us:

* our money

(think how much we would save if we ate only the food we need)
* more money
(think of all the money we have wasted over the years
on one miracle diet product after another.)
* our good health
(this one is a BIGGIE and the list could go on and on...)
* more money
(to take care of the health problems that too much food causes)
* our time
(think how much time we spend thinking about food,
worrying over diets,
going to the doctor because of obesity-related health problems,
looking and looking for clothes that fit,
and on and on)
* more time
(after all, part of each workday is spent working
to make money to buy more food than we need)
* our quality of life
(think how many suffer poor self esteem,
depression, bad relationships, etc.
because of too much food)
* more money
(on clothes that cost way too much)
* more time
(how many years of our lives will we lose because of food?
Many die early deaths from obesity-related diseases,
or obesity complicated situations...)

Yes, it seems that food "steals" from us,
but the truth of the matter is,
it doesn't really steal from us.

Let's face it;
we are not unwilling participants in this "robbery".
We are, in truth, giving all those things away,
every time we take a bite we don't really need.

Next time you think you're giving yourself a treat
and allow yourself to overeat,
remember that you aren't really
giving yourself anything at all.
You are WILLINGLY GIVING AWAY your time,
your hard-earned money,
your health, your self-esteem,
your quality of life
and maybe even years of your life.