I Must Love Me Too

If you have neglected yourself,
make a sincere apology to thee.
Gather the "love-me-not-petals" of your life
and start counting "I-must-love-me-too".
In no time at all you have
a beautiful flower blossom within you. ~ Dodinsky Writings

Friday, May 15, 2009

Setting and Reaching Goals is About Taking Commitment, not Motivation

Moving Forward

You have to decide that YOU are worth it, what goals you want to achieve.

But how you do that? I think you just have to put one foot in front of
another some days. Whether you want to eat healthy or not, you do it. Whether
you want to exercise or not, you do it. There was a quote in my WW journal
that I noticed last night. I had turned the page to start planning my meals
of today and there it was "Success is the sum of efforts, repeated day in
and day out." THAT is what you do.

One other thing...motivation is waning, don't count on motivation.. One thing, then another thing. . .